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These terms and conditions govern the rights and obligations between the online store www.scalehobby.eu, owned by Scale Hobby s.r.o., private company registered at Vinohradska 3216/165, 100 00 Praha 10, Czech Republic, ID: 08093377, a VAT payer, tax ID: CZ08093377, hereinafter referred to as "Seller" on one side, and each internet user, referred to as “Buyer” who submits a purchase order to Seller on the other. The legal relationship between Seller and Buyer is subject to the following terms and conditions and if not covered by these, to the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.

1) Registration and personal data handling

Buyer is offered the opportunity to register in Seller’s database. The registration simplifies the process of order placement and enables Buyer to observe the history of purchases. Also, the registration gives Buyer the possibility to receive newsletters from Seller in case Buyer is interested in such.

A registration entry is stored for a period of 2 years. Two weeks prior to a registration expiration, Seller shall contact Buyer to obtain the consent to extend the registration for another 2 years. In case Buyer does not give an explicit consent to the extension, Seller shall delete the registration from the store database. Buyer also has the right to request Seller to delete the registration data from the database by sending Seller a registration cancelation email.

Orders can be submitted without registration.

Buyer’s personal data is handled according to the European GDPR and Czech Privacy Protection Code No.101/2000 Sb. In terms of the GDPR, Seller acts as data Controller, and uses services of the following data Processors:

  • Czech Post - postal company;
  • GLS courier – logistics company;
  • Učetnictví Prodimo – accounting company.

Seller asserts that personal data obtained via a purchase order is used solely for the purpose of fulfilling the order. Seller does not share the data with any third party, unless legally obliged.

2) Order Placement and Processing

Buyer's order is a sales contract and the actual purchase contract is concluded at the moment Seller confirms the order. That sets up mutual rights and obligations between the Buyer and Seller.

By placing an order, Buyer confirms that he/she is familiar with the Terms and Conditions, including the Privacy and Return policies, and agrees with those. Buyer is supposed to read and give a consent to the terms prior to placing an order or completing the registration.

All orders received by Seller are binding. Buyer is obliged to provide Seller with all the necessary information needed for successful order execution. That information includes, but not limited to delivery method, delivery address, billing information, etc.

An order can be canceled before it has been shipped. In case an order is not canceled in time, and is posted, Buyer may be required to cover the postage. An order confirmation is sent to Buyer in the form of an automatic email.

Seller reserves the right to cancel an order in whole or partially prior to the conclusion of the purchase contract in the following cases: the goods are no longer produced or delivered, or the price has changed significantly. Should that happen, Seller is expected to contact Buyer immediately to agree on a further action. In case Buyer has paid the whole price or its part, that amount is to be credited back to Buyer's account, and the purchase agreement does not get concluded.

Seller reserves the right to reject an order if Buyer did not pick up the goods at least once in the past or returned goods at least twice without a reason given.

Items are displayed on the store pages, no matter if they are in stock or not. If an item is not available, Seller specifies the restock date as soon as that is known.

Order Cancellation

Order cancelation is done by the mean of an email. Such an email has to state Buyer's full name and the order number.

3) Order Payment

Orders are to be paid by credit card via the PayPal payment gateway.

All prices and fees are set in EURO and that is the currency Buyer's credit card is charged. Prices in USD are approximate and given for reference only. Thus, actual amount charged in USD may be different, based on the rate set by the payment gateway for the payment date.

4) Delivery

Orders within the EU are shipped as registered mail with Czech Post; international orders are dispatched wit Czech Post. Buyer is provided with the tracking ID. After the order has been posted, an email with the ID is sent to Buyer.

Shipping is charged based on package weight, and fee depends on Buyer's location. All charges are listed in the table below.



Postage fee, EUR

Up to 50 g



51 – 100 g



101 – 200 g



201 - 500 g



501 – 1'000 g



1 – 2 kg



Postage fee is displayed immediately after an item is placed into the shopping cart.

The fee includes packing, but does not cover any other services. Non-EU Buyer should be aware that import fees of any kind are not covered by item price or shipping cost. Those charges are Buyer's responsibility.

Maximum package weight is limited to 5 kg. If the total weight of the package exceeds the specified maximum, Buyer is expected to contact Seller to get updated postage fee before making the payment.

Each item when being packed, gets carefully checked for being complete and undamaged. Seller does everything for merchandise to be delivered in perfect condition. However, Seller cannot assume liability for damages caused during delivery.

WARNING! Each registered mail posted to Czech Post gets automatically ensured. If the package is visibly damaged, Buyer is supposed to immediately file a claim to the delivery service and contact Seller by email.

5) Order Dispatching

Items that are in stock are shipped within 3 business days after receiving cleared payment. If an item is not available long term, Seller contacts Buyer via email to agree on further steps.

6) Conflict with Purchase Agreement

In case an item received does not comply with the agreement (item incomplete, has factory defects or does not match the merchandise ordered), hereinafter referred to as "conflict with the agreement", Buyer has the right to request Seller free of charge and without undue delay to put the item into a state corresponding to the purchase agreement, by exchanging the item or delivering missing parts. If such an action is not possible, Buyer may request a reasonable discount from the price or withdraw from the agreement. This does not apply if Buyer was previously informed about or personally caused the conflict with the agreement.

A conflict with the agreement that is revealed within 14 days of delivery shall be deemed to exist at the delivery, unless that is in the item's nature or proven otherwise.

7) Return Policy

Purchases are covered under the Civil Code, §6 (Distance Selling Regulations), which gives Buyer the right to cancel the purchase within 14 work days after the delivery day. Within that period Buyer can withdraw from the purchase agreement without giving a reason. In such a case, the purchased merchandize is to be sent back to Seller at Buyer's own expense, along with a written request to cancel the purchase. All the goods must be returned undamaged, in original packaging, with no signs of use and including all accessories and instructions. The purchase price is refunded to Buyer without delay and by mutual agreement.

8) Complaints

Complaints will be dealt with according to Item 6, Conflict with Purchase Agreement and where not covered, to laws applicable in the Czech Republic. Buyer is obliged to submit a claim to Seller's service@scalehobby.eu e-mail address. Otherwise, Seller may decide to reject the complaint. A complaint should include a proof of purchase (Buyer's name and delivery address, order number) and a problem description. Seller assesses the defect and accepts or rejects the claim within 14 days after receiving the complaint. In case the claim is accepted, it is processed without undue delay, within 30 days. If the claim is accepted, but cannot be settled, it is Seller's duty to provide Buyer with adequate compensation by mutual agreement.

In the case of a model incomplete or having factory defects, Seller only delivers the missing or damaged parts.

Seller can not assume liability for damages caused during delivery.

Without a prior arrangement, Seller never sends out defected models.

Terms and conditions are valid from September 3, 2017 until further notice.

Note: in case of changes to the given business Terms and Conditions, those applicable at the date of purchase remain in effect.

Thank you for the time you spent reading our business Terms and Conditions.

Your scalehobby.eu

This document is a translation of a compilation of the universal business conditions that are free for download from Shoptet website (http://www.shoptet.cz/ke-stazeni/).